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Squirrel at feederAbout animal cams: Animal cams are almost always seasonal,
which means for part of the year there are no animals!
Animals often migrate, or do not hang around the cam if there
is no food source (the salmon left) or the babies grew up
and flew away. That is just the way it is.






watch an ant colony live as members do their duties thinking they are unwatched.
Watch them go live as their colony thrives.



South Africa flag African Black Eagle, Verraux's Eagle African Black Eagle Live Webcam – Roodekrans, South Africa.
Their official name is Verreaux's Eagle. Watch and listen 24 hours a day!

To learn more about these eagles, go to Avian Web or Wikipedia.









Alaska Department of Fish and Game Virtual Wildlife Viewing Stunning! Sets the standard!

Trail Cams has about a hundred candid shots of animals close up using motion-triggered cameras! Photos like the bear, here! Outstanding!

Brown Bear candid shot






Webcams : "Tiny remote cameras, called webcams, can relay live, up close, and intimate scenes of wildlife onto the internet and your computer. Various agencies and organizations in Alaska have set up webcams to watch the sights at inaccessible or remote sites like the brown bears at Brooks Falls, seabirds on tiny Gull Island, Steller sea lions near Seward, the bald eagle council grounds in Haines, and the inside of a beaver lodge and a salmon run near the Mendenhall Glacier."

Video clips: Bird videos, fox videos, AND...bear videos! Plus - "A Bear’s Eye View, A Day in the Life of A Bear is a 13 minute compilation of a day’s worth of video." Wow!



Alcoa Eagle Cam at Bettendorf, Iowa (on the Mississippi River) - also features the Eagle Eye to the World Global Project (for teachers)


Alessondra's OKC Great Horned Owl-Cam Is back, with streaming video and millions of viewers! This is neat!
A Great Horned Owl nest in a planter box outside a second story window!
Very popular, the camera is right there but the owls don't seem to mind.
Miss Alessondra is a hoot (oops). :)


Alligator CritterCam Go along with a gator as it hunts for food. CritterCams show alligators to be skilled underwater hunters. Watch and learn what they eat and how they live.



Alligator Snapping Turtle vs Common Snapping Turtle One is a roamer: fast, aggressive, and has major attitude.
The other is an ambush predator: slow and patient, with one of the strongest bites on Earth.
Alligator Snapping Turtle vs Common Snapping Turtle

"Bring it, Junior!" "We meet at last, you old dinosaur!"



Canadian FlagAnimal cams from the Vancouver Aquarium! Featuring belugas, jellies, and a sea otter! If you EVER get the chance, go see this place!



South African flagAnimal Cams from South Africa! Here are two sites that seem to work OK. Remember, it's summer in South Africa in January. Webcams at SANParks shows animal cams at different national parks. AfriCam is a private outfit with links to live cams, refresh-cams, and videos!


Arctic Wolf howls for school kids at the San Diego Zoo. Arctic Wolves are not a seperate species,
but living up in permanent snow country they are better off being snow colored (white).
Look how big he is, and those giant "snowshoe" paws!


Audubon Starr Ranch Barn Owls cams from Audubon California's Starr Ranch Sanctuary.




Baby elephant learns to use her trunk in this short video. Well, sort of learns. She's just a baby!



Baby owl and toy sing Monster Mash 1:15 video from an owl rescue facility.
Baby owl sings along to this Halloween favorite. Why the head bobbing?

This Is Why Owls Bob Their Heads explains it all!



Baby Rhino’s Trot Will Make You Smile!








"Brought to Africa’s Hoedspruit Endangered
Species Centre at only a month old, the young bull Matimba had lost his mother to poachers.
Found close to her lifeless body, Matimba was discovered defenseless, hungry, and scared
and immediately transported to the centre where staff went to work on settling the orphan
into his new home. Watch as Matimba bravely takes a walk with one of the centre’s staff.
Go, Matimba, go!" From The Rainforest Site



Baby Hippo and baby Rhino are best friends! "When Charlie the baby hippo lost his mom,
he was rescued by a rhino orphanage and became best friends with a little rhino.
There was only one problem — Charlie grew up thinking he was a rhino too! Today on Odd Couples,
watch how Charlie eventually learned to act like a hippo, even though he'll always come back for
snuggles with his favorite rhino!" From Odd Couples on Facebook.

Hippo and rhino babies



Bear Cam with Lily the Bear, along with Faith, and “Jewel of the Northwoods”. From the Wildlife Research Institute in Ely, Minnesota. 


It's Baaaaaaack!!!!
Alaskan bears fishing





Bear Cam at Brooks Falls, AK The salmon run - the time when salmon, which have migrated from the ocean, swim to the upper reaches of rivers where they spawn on gravel beds.

This is a major event for many predators, particularly for bears which gather in great numbers to feast on the salmon. A live stream has been set up in Katmai National Park, Alaska so you can watch the bears live.


Underwater view of a bear fishing [credit for this = SlimJones123]



Click the pic to watch the video!



Berry College Eagle Cam from Georgia DNR.


Bird Cams This is part of the All About Birds site of the Cornell University Lab of Ornithology
(ornithology is the study of birds).
From here you can access 13 webcams all over North America:

  • American Kestrels
  • Barn Owls
  • Barred Owls
  • Cornell Lab FeederWatch
  • Dunrovin Ospreys
  • Great Blue Herons
  • Great Horned Owls
  • Hellgate Ospreys
  • Laysan Albatross
  • Ontario FeederWatch
  • Red-tailed Hawks
  • Sapsucker Woods Pond Cam
  • Snowy Owl



    Bison Cam at Plains Bison Water Hole "Bison are the largest indigenous land mammal on the North American continent. Considered a keystone species, these wooly herbivores helped shaped the ecology of the Great Plains today. At least 80% of Canada's native prairie has been lost, yet at Grasslands National Park there is a flourishing herd of plains bison that freely roam their native prairie."

    Suckling bison calf








    Blackwater Refuge Eagle Cam Cambridge, Maryland


    Blue-Footed Booby mating dance



    Bubble Net Feeding Watch humpbacks team up to herd and feast on bait balls of herring and other small, schooling fish.

    Humpbacks feed Smaller.jpg

    Ingenious Bubble Net Fishing - BBC - David Attenbrough

    Humpback Whale: Hunting Technique
    Short and fact filled

    Whales Team Up in Amazing Bubble-Net Hunt | National Geographic
    Only 1:45 long and very close-up

    Norwegian fishermen have close encounter with hunting humpback whales
    In a fjord near Tromsø




    Those little parakeets in bird cages? Welcome to their REAL world!



    Two shark cams and a coral reef cam from the California Academy of Sciences:

  • HD Shark Cam, Lagoon View
  • HD Shark Cam, Reef View
  • HD Philippine Coral Reef


    Cheetah with a GoPro from the Cincinatti Zoo. "The video shows Savannah running at full speed and in slow motion. The unedited footage is erratic and incredibly shaky, but the slowed-down video shows how the cheetah’s head stays generally still while running, even if the rest of the body is jerking around."



    Chester CheetahCheetahs - Have You Ever Wondered How Cheetahs Can Run So Fast? "Cheetahs are the fastest mammals on the planet — they can outrun most sports cars! But it’s not just about speed. Cheetahs also have an incredible rate of acceleration, and can reach 60 miles per hour (97 km per hour) in just three seconds, and only three strides. Find out how cheetahs can achieve these unbelievable speeds" by clicking on the link above. A Smithsonian Channel video from The Rainforest Site.



    Creepy Desert Creatures! a Brave Wilderness episode, one of a series. Coyote Bob Peterson with his cute, hyper, eight year old daughter Pup, and the crew visit Tucson, Arizona to discover some Creepy Desert Creatures! And find them they do, in this 22:30 Youtube offering! Watch the team as they examine: a giant desert centipede, a tarantula, an anthill of red ants, a solpugid (camel spider), finishing with a giant desert hairy scorpion under a black light which appears quite scary. Next the team checks out a Western Banded Gecko who's out hunting, (like everybody else in this video)! Next. they find a Spadefoot Toad. Then, at last, a Western Diamondback Rattlesnake! Hyper Pup is not allowed to approach, but takes it in good grace. There are dozens of these videos for kids to watch!



    DNR EagleCam from Minnesota DNR. "Live...from the eagles' nest!"


    Decorah Eagle Cam from the Raptor Resource Project. This is the famous one from Iowa. Enjoy!



    Drone Captures Shark Migration It’s that time of year again: migration time. Every year thousands
    of sharks flock to Florida’s shallow waters to eat, mate and well… repeat. Hydrophilik shared a video to
    YouTube that truly captures the majesty of the mass migration. Most likely a congregation of blacktip reef
    sharks, the video was captured using a drone to hover over the clear blue waters between Fort Pierce
    and Vero Beach, Florida. Spoiler alert: several brave surfers and manatee family also make an appearance ??



    Eagle Cams from Hancock Wildlife in British Columbia. Three live webcams of bald eagles' nests with eggs and chicks! They also have a Biology Reference section with information about bald eagles and their nesting habits. Obviously these are seasonal.



    Epaulette Sharks can walk on land! As shown in this 2:09 Youtube video.
    These harmless 2 to 3 feet long (27 - 35 cm) sharks are bottom feeders.
    They hunt in tidal pools for small animals. Sometimes they get left
    high and dry when the tide goes out. Then they have to crawl back
    over the land to get to the sea! The video shows how these fish have
    adapted to this lifestyle.


 's Live Cams Over 40 different live cams. Many of animals, birds, and fishes;
    others of beaches and exotic places like Hawaii. Quite a few "baby animal cams" - wild bears,
    birds nesting, pandas, puppies, kittens. This link defaults to the Beluga Cam at the
    Vancouver Aquarium. Scroll down to see more cams.



    Exploring the Dolomites from an Eagle's Point of View in 360 (4K)
    5:15 YouTube video. ON-screen contoller lets viewers move the camera
    around. At about 1:10 to 1:15 there is a white cross on top of a
    peak at the upper right. Nice music, too. (The Dolomites are a mountain
    formation at the east end of the Alps. Used as a source of fine marble for
    statues since ancient times.)



    Filming Grizzlies with Gopros In Alaska
    Up close and personal videos of grizzly bears fishing around Katmai, Alaska, using
    unmanned cameras that look like rocks. One clip is a fish's view from underwater, another
    features the inside of a cub's mouth as it tries to eat the camera!
    There is another video titled "Arctic Foxes Ate My Gopro". This is followed by a selection
    of candid polar bear photos from Churchill, Manitoba.



    New SiteFish eggs (called "roe")! The yellow spheres are the egg yolks.
    The silver circles with the black dots are the babies' ("frys") eyes.
    These an aquarium fish of the Cichlid ("sick-lid") family (Cichlidae).
    Cichlids live in Africa and South America.

    African Cichlid Fry Growing in Time Lapse Video
    3:23 Youtube video follows babies from egg to fully-formed
    little fish! Fun to watch.
    Similar video here.



    New Site

    Float Like a Dragontail Butterfly..
    The green dragon tail butterfly (Lamproptera meges) is one of the smallest species of
    swallowtail butterfly and one of the very few species with wing transparency.
    This footage is by Kazuo Unno, insect aficionado extraordinaire and wildlife photographer.
    Green Drangontails are found in South Asia and Southeast Asia, south China, Indonesia,
    Malaysia, and the Philippines.


    messin with les oiseaux.png Flying with geese!

    from Beauty and Sky on Facebook. Flying with three kinds of European geese:
    Barnacle Geese, Red Breasted Geese, and White Fronted Geese.
    There is a clip of a Whooper Swan (or Tundra Swan) flying along.
    The music is haunting. Beauty and Sky is a French site run by airline pilots.


    Giraffe licks a GoPro! A 20" tongue is good for tearing off leaves.


    Goldfish Videos This site is a place for fanciers of exotic goldfish post videos of their prize fish. They're all cool to watch and some are quite beautiful. Indexed by variety of goldfish.


    Great Horned Owl nest cam from TheRainForestSite Blog. Two little owlets and their parents. Nice camera closeups.


    Great White Naps for First Time on Camera LINK REPAIRED "A robotic submersible captures the first-ever footage of a great white shark napping. From Shark Week 2016’s 'Jaws of the Deep.' " "The shark was seen swimming face first into a 3 km/h (1.8 mph) current near the bottom of the shallow seabed, in order to help oxygen-rich water flood over its gills with minimal effort. It also has its mouth gaped open and appears to be in a still, almost catatonic, daze." Watch the video for yourself and see what you think. From a longer video on Discovery Channel's Shark Week.




    Gyrfalcons are usually elusive, but caught this one on camera near Churchill, Manitoba over a dozen times

    Posted by The Globe and Mail on Wednesday, February 10, 2016


    Hays Bald Eagle Cam in a park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


    ABC Helps Hummingbirds American Bird Conservancy 1:25 video.
    Fierce, flying jewels, hummingbirds are simply amazing. Inspired to help? Get involved:
    "We protect 200 species, over half of all species, across 16 countries, with a network of 70+ bird reserves, and nearly
    1 million acres. With your help, we can do more." Beautiful photography.



    Hummingbird Convention A very short video posted on Facebook by 95.7 KJR.
    "NO WAY! How can you get so many Hummingbirds together? Anybody know?
    (crank your speakers up and listen to the sound) AWESOME!"

    Hummingbirds at feeders






    Hummingbird Babies Birth to Fledging the Nest A beautiful documentary which follows mama and two baby Allen's hummingbirds from birth to fledging the nest. "PLEASE READ FURTHER TO LEARN CORRECTED INFORMATION ABOUT THE BIRDS AND PLEASE NOTE: Hummingbirds are federally protected wildlife. Do not attempt to rescue or interfere with a hummingbird without first contacting your local Hummingbird Rescue for information... Please take what I have been advised and do not film birds close up unless you have a very long lens or a web cam. ADDITIONAL NOTE: I inadvertently passed on incorrect information in this video. The "squirt" from the beak of the babies is actually their tongue. Also, the woman I spoke to from the hummingbird rescue referred to the baby's "hair" and I say that several times in the video. I have been otherwise informed that the "hair" should be called "feathers." I also failed to mention that the nests are often secured using spider webs. And, it turns out the first bird to leave the nest is the male, not the female. I have a newly edited and more informative version of this same video, available for schools or educational purpose."

    Hummingbird sibs








    Hummingbird webcam Channel Islands Allen's Hummingbird live nesting webcam. It's great watching these tiny birds! We hope dear Phoebe's descendants keep nesting!

    hummingbird on nest





    Hummingbird Nest - summer 2017
    This is the Bella nest cam.



    Here is a fine Fb video of a hummingbird moth, taken by
    a lady in Two Harbors, Minnesota. Thanks, Mary Ann W. L.!



    Humpback Whales Bubble Feeding Drone Views "Large Group of Humpback Whales Feeding in the Pristine Waters of Alaska. Aerial Drone Footage from Seagull's Point of View." See whales surround herring with a bubble net, then rise up with open mouths to slurp up tons of fish! Video from AkXpro.


    Humpback Whale CritterCam from NatGeo. Watch a real humpback as it swims around and then heads for the bottom. Find out why humpbacks spend so much time down at the bottom of the sea.


    Humpback Whales in Maui From a Drone Mama and calf swimming around for 2:14. Lots of closeups of them snuggling! Video from Justin Edwards.


    International Wolf Center The International Wolf Center advances the survival of wolf populations by teaching about wolves, their relationship to wild lands and the human role in their future. Click Learn to open up areas for children (activities and reading), educators, and wolf facts.  Meet Our Wolves (under Visit) has bios of the wolves, updated regularly. There are also short videos, wolf cams, and photos.


    A kingfisher ignoring the No Fishing sign. Originally from the Netherlands,
    posted to Facebook by Daily Picks and Flicks.



    Little Kamok Will Capture Your Heart! Description from The Rainforest Site:
    "A newborn female elephant wandered alone onto the grounds of the Olpejeta Conservancy in Laikipia.
    The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust was contacted immediately and the calf was airlifted to their nursery
    in Nairobi. There, it was discovered that the calf had some sort of joint issue, which must have made
    keeping up with her herd impossible. Thankfully, today the calf named Kamok has grown into a healthy
    young elephant who continues to gain strength every day. Watch her inspiring story!" She is a cutie!

  Dozens of webcams of all sorts of animals! Birds - 19 webcams of wild birds, pet birds, farm birds,
    nest cams, feeder cams. Cats & kittens - 15 cams, Dogs & puppies - 36 cams, Farm animals - 12 cams,
    Penguins - 6 cams (2 wild, 4 zoo cams). 13 Sea and Aquarium cams, 14 Wild Animals and Zoo cams - Bears and bison
    in the wild, big cats, meerkats, sloths, elephants, pandas, koalas, rhinos, giraffes, wolves, monkeys, etc.


    Monterey Bay Aquarium Webcams  Seven great webcams of sea creatures! 
    We like them all, but the Open Sea Cam is simply astounding.



    Mother Raccoon teaches kit how to climb a tree 1:26 video shows the trials of a mother. You could fill in the words:
    "See the tree? Let's climb it. Cling to the bark! Do I have to grab your behind and heave? OK, let's try again.
    See how I just jump on and use my claws to... Pay attention, kid! Don't fall off the roof! OK I am going to lift you up
    and put you against the tree! Get. On. The. Tree! OMG he's climbing it! Oh, good!
    Better pretend to ignore him and see how he does. I'm staying close, though. This kit has a short attention span.
    I have mileage invested in this brat, so I am staying put, in case I have to catch him again. There's one in every litter."






    Take a peek at a litter of mountain lion kittens—and prepare for your heart to melt.



    Nature's Dive Bombers Gannets Plunge into the Sea. Diving into the ocean, the Cape Gannet adopts an aquatic version of flight, an unbelievable sight you have to see to believe. Watch birds chasing sardines, 60'/18m down!


    Newborn tiger cubs snuggle mom at National Zoo. Two rare Sumatran tiger cubs snuggle and nurse with their mother at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington, DC, in this short video. The second cub is born at around 1:05 into the video. This video courtesy of The Washington Post.


    Opossum, Where Art Thou? A two minute imbedded HTML5 video about a 'possum rescue, special because it has plenty of facts about North America's only living marsupial!


    Osprey Nest Cam from has a nest full of young ospreys & parents, doing osprey things! Scroll down to go to other live animal cams from all over!


    Otter pack squeaking and jumping like crazy! It's feeding time! Loudest hungry squeaks evah! It's a cute overload!


    Second Chances: Tilly the River Otter NatGeo video (4:00) about a rescued
    orphan otter baby. Tilly has to be taught to swim. Put with a rescued boy otter,
    Tilly soon has her own babies. Watch as she raises them to be competent adults.
    Great cinematography. NatGeo has oodles of these videos.



    Barn OwlOwl Box Molly and McGee, the original Barn Owls, had a nest of baby owls. Watching them raise and feed their kids, eat mice, and do other owley things, was great! We hope more owls use this box in the future.



    Owl Cams from the Owl Research Institute at Charlo, Montana. Great Horned Owl and Long-eared Owl nest cams. The owls nest starting every April. There's more to this site than the cams. They have whole pages of information about owls in general, and another longer listing of facts for all the owls of North America!


    Panda Cam from the San Diego Zoo. See live streaming video of giant panda mom Bai Yun and her new baby! Plus updates on the cub and archived videos of the birth!


    New Site


    Horned Puffins, courtesy USFWS


    Puffin Cam from has a ledge full of colorful puffins, doing puffin things! Scroll down to go to other live animal cams from all over! Learn more about puffins and get a printout to color at Enchanted Learning!







    Penguin Cam at Seaworld, from Discovery Channel. Watch lots of penguins scamper around doing penguin things in this 3:16 video. If you like to see penguins, they've got them!


    Red Wolf Den Cam from Wolf Conservation Center. See red wolves in their den in New York state. Find out lots more about red wolves here, from Defenders of Wildlife. One genetic study found that the red wolves of today are about 80% coyote.



    Roadrunners eat snakes, lizards, insects. They are related
    to cuckoos. They are omniverous. Yes they can fly but they
    don't like to. Watching them wade into a snake fight is
    very fascinating. Find out more about them here.
    Find out about rattlesnakes here.


    Ryder's Day at the Dog Park Ryder's an American Brittany who likes adventure! Ryder and his GoPro gallop everywhere to the beat of his thundering paws and flapping ears! Ryder goes swimming; then he meets new, interesting dogs, and sniffs them. 3:00 Youtube video.


    San Diego Zoo Kids specially designed to appeal to elementary kids. Kids can look at animals sorted by class (mammals, birds, et al.) and read facts about them, too. Online games, hands-on activities, jobs at the zoo, and a section of animal cams & videos! The Panda Cam is here, along with Elephant Cam, Ape Cam, and Polar Bear Cam!



    Scientists Film Rare Sperm Whale Encounter 600 Meters Below The Gulf Of Mexico

    Sperm Whale swimming




    This very cool 4:24 video is all over the net. Our link goes to the awesome IFLS which has a nice,
    short account of the encounter. You can view the video there, or see it on a plain black background here
    courtesy of viewpure. Whichever you choose, it is spectacular!



     Sea Lion Crittercam from NatGeo. Australian sea lions are getting a nature preserve!
    Part of the research was putting CritterCams on sea lions. One cam caught a sea lion preying upon a large octopus!
    Sea lions take big prey items up to the surface so they can breathe while they eat it piece by peace.
    Sea lions do this with salmon in Alaska.



    World’s Largest Sea Turtle a short video of a huge sea turtle feeding on the bottom.
    "Scuba Divers in Maui, Hawaii made an incredible discovery on the ocean floor when they
    came across what they are claiming is the biggest Sea Turtle ever captured on video or
    pictures. The leatherback is the largest species of sea turtle."



    Some of the most amazing and unusual jellyfish
    A 3:23 video on the Facebook Science Nature page.
    Colorful and fascinating. Wish it had a size comparison graphic,
    but the scientific names are listed, along with where the jellies
    are and at what depth.
    exotic jellyfish



    Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Check out mom, dad, and the two tweens on this LIVE cam! Mom and dad commute in and out, the young'uns eat, entertain themselves, and look bored (sounds familiar). They might be back next year, so be patient. The Rainforest Site has a four hour movie of this nest cam here.


    A squirrel nabbed my GoPro and carried it up a tree (and then dropped it) Looks like the little thief was trying for a selfie and dropped it! Both funny and interesting.


    Thousands Of Rays Swimming Together "Mobular rays often gather off the coast of Baja. Scientists aren’t sure why they do this, but a recent gathering was one for the record books. Thousands of rays all in one spot swimming together. Watch their amazing gathering in the video below." 2:16 YouTube video. You will love it halfway through the video when they start flying!



    Tiger Shark feeding frenzy at Shark Bay, Western Australia. Shark Bay is aptly named!
    This 2:30 Facebook video is titled; "Feeding frenzy at Shark Bay - Tigers having a whale of a time."
    This is raw nature, 70+ sharks tucking in to the carcass of a dead whale. Some of the sharks are HUGE!
    The whale fins are visible (they must not taste good). There is also closeup video of tiger sharks.
    Shark Bay is world famous for its stromatolites, a very ancient form of early life.



    Tiger Gives Birth To Twins, and it's all on video! "Watch this absolutely incredible video below
    and make sure you watch it until the very end. It’s such a beautiful reminder that all life is precious."

    Tiger Mom.png



    PinterestDeer shock and awetrail cam pics - a Pinterest page. See many more candid, up-close-and-personal pix like this one, from all over the world!





    Turtle Bay Eagle Cam Redding California - in northern California on the Sacramento River.


    Two lynx arguing in the middle of a road - from Laughing Squid "Two angry lynx engage in a loud
    yowling argument in the middle of a small road in the Maine woods. While traveling on a small road outside
    of the Kokadjo Camps near Greenville, Maine, Tammy Mullen and her husband encountered the rather rare
    sight of two angry lynx facing off. They came to a stop, opened the car door and heard the two big cats
    loudly arguing with one another until one walked away, while still protesting loudly." - Laughing Squid
    Youtube video of the same incident




    FrogFull.jpgWatch frog eggs turn into tadpoles Watch frog eggs change into tadpoles in this 30 second Vimeo video by Nipam Patel.



    What goes on when you're not there! The camera records what goes on in the wilds of Alberta when bears, deer, lions, and assorted little critters hang out! Cute! It also shows that there's more wildlife around than you might think!


    WildWatchcams from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (State of Washington, not Washington, DC). Watch Bald Eagles, Barn Owls, Burrowing Owls, Big Brown Bats, Bluebirds, Herons, Opreys, Salmon, and Seals.


    Wolf Conservation Center Live Webcams Here are all their webcam addresses on one page. There are cams of gray wolves, red wolves, and Mexican gray wolves. "As participant in the Species Survival Plans (SSPs) and Recovery Plans for two critically endangered wolf species, the WCC acts as caretaker for 5 red wolves (Canis rufus), and 15 Mexican Gray wolves (Canis lupus baileyi). The Mexican gray wolf and the red wolf are among the most rare mammals in North America. Presently there are approximately 400 Mexican gray wolves and fewer than 300 red wolves remaining in the world." Take a good look at these critically endangered animals.


    Wolf Cubs Howling at James Bay James Bay hangs down from Hudson Bay. The shore is split between English-speaking Ontario (west) and French-speaking Quebec (east). Watch seven wolves howling away for 58 seconds. Some cubs, some more adult-sized. Was this a rallying call?


    World’s largest bat colony, 15-20 million strong, emerges from Texas cave in 360 VR In Bracken Cave, Texas,
    is the world's largest bat colony. 15 to 20 million bats! This VR video lets students zoom around in 360; look up,
    look down, look all around!


    Zoo Cams! This German site has a big list of Zoo Cams from around the world. All kinds of animals, live on camera. Includes several Panda Cams and the Giraffe Cam at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.


    ZuluCam "Live pictures of the worlds largest African elephants." Live Video feed from Tembe Elephant Park, Kwa Zulu Natal - home of the Zulus! Good views of the animals when they come down to the watering hole. Right now there's thunder and steady rain.


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