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This is our ever changing list of recently added sites, plus an occasional oldie. 
Generally, sites get added on the top and eventually get taken off the bottom.

black cat & jack o' lantern Halloween Game Sites! These have lots of online games, dressups, some art, some printouts, songs to sing, etc., for kids' fun!



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 Page last updated on 18 October 2019



How bobcats, coyotes, and foxes help my farm
from In Light of Nature "With an orchard of approximately
250 apple, apricot, and cherry trees gophers were having a
field day eating the roots and killing the trees."
"After so many years of stressing and fighting the gophers,
I now leave it up to the coyotes, bobcats, foxes, and owls."
with lots of photos of foxes, coyotes, and bobcats helping
themselves to gophers! Going in Biomes



Folded banded iron formation with shale interbeds, exposed
near Soudan, Minnesota. About 2.7 billion years old.
Soudan Underground Mine State Park
Why was this important? "The mine's value was in the special
kind of ore it produced. The ore's high oxygen content was used
to make high-quality steel in (primitive) open-hearth furnaces."
"When technology changed, the ore from the mine was no longer
needed. Low-cost ores of the Mesabi Range took over, and
Soudan Mine closed in 1962." Newer kinds steel furnaces could
make high-quality steel out of cheap, low quality ore (hematite).
But it is beautiful to look at!

Going in Earth Science


Draconid meteors "Draco the Dragon is now spitting out
meteors, also known as shooting stars. This is one shower
that’s best to watch at nightfall or early evening, not after
midnight. No matter where you are on Earth, watch as close
to nightfall as possible. The shower is active between
October 6 and 10. credit: EarthSky
Going in Astronomy


Meteor Shower Calendar 2019 - 2020 (now 'till Aug 2020)
"When is the next meteor shower? Well, you need to know
that there are currently 2 active meteors showers:..."
This page tells you all the popular showers from now until late
August of 2020. There are "over 900 suspected meteor showers
of which about 100 are well established."
credit: American Meteor Society
Going in Astronomy



Going in Literacy: ESL and Literacy: Grammar


Globetarium "Know the ecliptic, know the sky"






Frustarium star-finder, celestial globe, and pinhole planetarium
20 different printouts for you
Dodecatarium sit-under pinhole planetarium
Cubetarium stand-under pinhole planetarium
Star Quizzes and links

Going in Astronomy

Why the Flu Shot Can't Give You the Flu
From LiveScience A nursing professor destroys
urban rumors and myths about flu vaccines.
Credit = By Libby Richards - Purdue University
Going in Health

Lenticular clouds over Mt. Rainier. Click on the photo to learn more.

Going in Weather










The Pyramids of Giza as seen from a street in Cairo, Egypt
Going in Ancient History and Archaeology


Gong in Animals and Biomes














This statue (a moai) from Easter Island (Rapa Nui)
proves there is more to a moai than just the head!

Going in Ancient History and Archaeology



Going in Animals



Ancient parrot in New Zealand was 1m tall, study says

Going in Dinos and Paleo


The Effects of Global Warming in Alaska

In this media-rich lesson, students learn how global warming
is changing the Alaskan environment and examine the
consequences of climate change on the region's human and
wildlife inhabitants.
Lesson Plan Grades: 6-13+
Collection: Alaska Native Perspectives on Earth and Climate


Going in Animals



Going in History and Literacy-Misc


Going in Art and in Black Hills

Going in Homeschool, New Readers, Teachers & Parents



Going in Dinos and Paleo


Emperor Nero

What Historical Figures Really Looked Like from Past Factory
King Tut, Julius Caesar, Robespierre, St Nicolas, Dante, Shakepeare,
Elizabeth I, the “Griffin Warrior” of Pylos, Cleopatra, Simón Bolívar,
and plenty more. Going in History


Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs) of WWII
A multimedia presentation of the National Women's
History Museum


Dorothy Olsen, World War II WASP pilot, dies at 103

Here she is posing on a P-38. She preferred to fly P-51s.
Read the article to find out why. (Historical note: "P" stood
for "Pursuit"; later changed to "F" for "Fighter", still in use.)



Flatirons in South America, from #GeologyHere Facebook page

"Serranía del Hornocal is a great example of the landform
called flatirons. Flatirons are small knolls with triangular to
trapezoidal-shaped sloping surfaces, with the long side of this
surface as their base and a point at their top. They're created
by the differential erosion of a steeply dipping, erosion-resistant
layer of rock overlying softer strata. Flatirons have wide bases
that form the base of a steep, triangular facet that narrows
upward into a point at its summit. The splitting of a hogback
by regularly spaced streams often results in the formation of
a series of flatirons along the strike of the rock layer that
forms the hogback." The quote above was edited by us.
Going in Earth Science


What does it take to get through to some people?

Going in Animals and in Black Hills


Going in Grammar


National Library of Virtual Manipulatives Interactive online manipulatives
for preschool through high school! Broken out by grade level and subject matrix.
This is a great site from University of Utah. Requires Java.


Go to this site. Look at their categories.
Birds, animals, dinosaurs, and plants.
Subdivided by continents and animal types.
Kid friendly. About 44 categories of goodies
(see them all at the bottoms of the pages).
"Biggest flightless birds ever!" (below)
is an example. Going in Animals and in
Dinos and Paleo.


Biggest flightless birds ever!

Comment: "Australian rhea" is a typo, should say (South) "American rhea".
Extant birds on this list: #1, #7 - #10
Extinct birds on this list: #2 - #6, #11

All the birds below are types of #5 above, Phorushacos.
#3 below, Titanis walleri, moved north up into North America,
but they didn't prosper there.

The Time Terror Birds Invaded (the USA)

What If A Saber-Toothed Cat Fought A Terror Bird?

Terror Bird vs. Wolves

Going in Dinos and Paleo



Callanish Stones - Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland
Was this a figure of a human being? About 5,000 years old.
Older then Stonehenge. One of many "old places" in the British Isles.
Going in Ancient History and Archaeology








"Feed me! Feed me!" Love the complicated and intricate nest construction!
The parents are programmed to do it exactly like that - strong outer layer,
soft inner "cup". Expertly woven. Ancient humans probably got the idea for
willow fencing and wattle construction by examining bird nests.
Perhaps ideas about weaving, also.

This is going in Animals. Maybe we need a Birds section.



dogs looking out the window

Younger or older, students always like to see new "sites"!

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